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TENS, EMS, & Microcurrent lead wires
TENS,  EMS,  & Microcurrent lead wires


Each package contains 1 pair of lead wires which accommodates a dual channel unit (see below for detailed information on stimulator and lead wire capability).
Available with Pin connect or snap connect.


  • High quality;
  • Available in a variety of sizes;
  • 2.5 mm or 3.5 mm mono plugs with pin or snap connectors;
  • New touch proof shielded pin leads;
  • Fit numerous stimulator models.

W2500 Series (2.5 mm) capability:
21st Century Medical: Model 2100 & 4500;
Agar: 9K, Uni-TENS;
American Imex: A-TENS, Easy TENS, Premier TENS;
Amrex: Advanteq, Microteq, TX3, Med TENS 100
APCC: 2001, 3001;
Apex: Pro-TENS;
Avionix: Avion TENS, Electra TENS, E-Z Stim, EZ10's, MicroTENS, Infinity MS, Stim T;
Biomedical Life Systems: B, C, Micro Plus, EMS 2000, Biomed 2000, Biomed Plus, Systems 2000, System Plus, Therapulse;
Empi: XL, GLS 489, Focus;
Global: Elite, Sigma, Gold, ST606, Supreme;
Henley: Team Microcurrent;
Lumiscope: 2000, 2000T+, Lumi-TENS, EMS 400, EMS 700, SW 1000, Pain Reliever, Micro 400;
Meda: Crown, 2500;
Medical Designs: Mini-Stim;
Medical Devices: SMP, Ultra Pac II, SX, Spec II, Spec IIS, Amatron;
Medtronic: Respond Plus, Eclipse, Dynex I, Dynex II, Dynex III
Quantum Medical: TheraTENS, Q-TENS, SD TENS;
Shuldt Laboratories: Timer TENS, PC TENS.

W3500 Series (3.5 mm) capability:
3M Medical: Model 6215;
Althoona Medical Supply: 410, 804, 804S;
Biomedical Life System: Model B;
Canadian Medical Products Ltd: Pulsar D, Obstetric Pulsar;
Electro Therapeutic Devices: 410, 804, Myostim, Myostim EX, Myo-Aid;
Graham Fieds: Micro;
Rabar: Echo Pulse;
Schuldt Laboratories: Plus 8;
Spembly Medical: All Pulsar Models;
Therapette Corp.: All Models;
Tri-Delta Marketing: All Models.

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121.9 cm (48") Touch Proof plug to pin  
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2.5 mm,  36" long 3.5mm jack to pin  
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121.9 cm (48") 3.5mm jack to pin  
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